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KORE Machine Works

Carbon Fibre Fender Extender

Carbon Fibre Fender Extender

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*Please note: Manufacture of this product is currently ‘on hold’ while we focus on bringing new products to the community. Any future availability will be announced.   

Handmade with the highest quality 5-Harness 6k carbon fibre and the latest in lamination technology. The design of the fender is based on the rare original BMW plastic fender manufactured in the early 1990’s for show purposes only. This rendition hopes to build upon the original design by implementing the latest leading edge technology, just as the K1 did on its release in 1988.

Developed by us in 2016, long before the creation of KORE Machine Works, the carbon fibre fender extender was kindly offered to the community via Alyn “Trapper” Walsh. Alyn is a valued KORE team member fulfilling the role as our chief product tester!  


5-Harness 6k Carbon fibre

Care Instructions

All carbon fibre reinforced plastic(CFRP)is susceptible to UV damage, typically in the form of ‘yellowing’. Your fender has been manufactured with a UV resistant coating and also posttreated with a UV protective wax. Depending on exposure levels based on geographic location or storage conditions, reapplication of a UV protective wax should be completed accordingly every few months to ensure the product does not tarnish. KORE Machine Works recommends ‘Farcela Profile UV Wax’.

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  • 21st Century Protection

    Protect your belly pan from unwanted road debris and stone chips with this unique and limited fender extender. Unlike more flexible variants, the stiffness of the carbon fibre permits the use of only four mounting holes as opposed to five! That’s 20% less stress during installation, guaranteed!